The list: Takeaway reviews

From January 2021 I also started reviewing deliveries to reflect the changing demand on restaurants during the pandemic. Below is the list of restaurant deliveries I’ve reviewed so far in alphabetical order:

Below is a list of all the restaurants, pubs and other options on my “to do” list for takeaways. As always, if you can think of somewhere you’d like added to the list comment, drop me an email – – or send me a message on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

  • The Aila
  • Alamin Tandoori
  • Bolan Thai
  • Chaiiwala
  • Chef Stevie’s Caribbean Kitchen
  • Clay’s Hyderabadi Kitchen
  • Crispy Dosa
  • Gooi Nara
  • Himalaya Hot Spot
  • Holy Cow
  • Kungfu Kitchen
  • Lebanese Village
  • Manzano’s
  • Memory Of Sichuan
  • MNKY Lounge
  • Monty’s
  • Namaste Momo
  • Papa Gee
  • Pasta Evangelists
  • Quality Chop House At Home
  • Qumin
  • Roosters Piri-Piri
  • Taberu Express
  • Thai Corner
  • Veganushi